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Iqony makes green energy feasible.

With 85 years of experience in the planning, construction and operation of energy facilities, the company provides holistic solutions for the decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization of the energy supply.

Iqony focuses on renewable energies and bridging technologies that can be used in a climate-neutral way now and in the future. In addition to solar, wind and geothermal energy, the portfolio includes hydrogen solutions, storage technologies, engineering services and gas-fired power plants. Around 2,300 employees worldwide implement projects for major industrial companies, utilities, cities and municipalities in numerous countries across the globe. Specializing in tailor-made solutions for complex challenges, Iqony draws on its broad and in-depth knowledge of the energy industry across the full range of technologies and services.

We focus holistically on the needs
of our customers.

Iqony stands for climate-friendly and safe district heating!

Green power for Erfurt wallpaper.

Conversion of solvent emissions to heat and electricity.

Go-live of the asset management platform Sensaia for renewable energies.

Climate-neutral heat generation through energy study in Erlangen.

Iqony makes waste incineration more efficient thanks to AI-based fire power control.

Energy efficiency: win-win situation for the environment and companies.

General planning services for climate-neutral power and heat generation at Reuter West.