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The energy transition constitutes a challenge for every manufacturer

The energy transition is the biggest economic upheaval for industry and manufacturing in this century. It is necessary and should be driven forward safely and decisively in this country. It is possible because Germany and Europe as a whole fulfill the technical and scientific preconditions. And it is inevitable, which has been made abundantly clear, for example by the upheavals on the energy markets. Energy costs, network fees and major price fluctuations make the purchase of electricity and gas a lottery. That’s why energy consumption has to be reduced and energy that is absolutely needed has to be used efficiently.

Your company has a high energy demand for production. You are facing the challenge of producing your goods in a climate-neutral way in the future.
A first step is to optimize the production process so that it only requires an unavoidable minimum of energy, thus drastically reducing CO2 emissions. This can be achieved, for example, through the use of renewable energy sources or through predictive maintenance and servicing as part of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) activities.

There are a huge variety of solutions on the market for green electricity, green heat or green hydrogen. It is important to select what is really viable for the future and ultimately also economically justifiable for your production process from the range on offer. This can be in-house generation, but also the purchase of green energy via Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). It can also be the use of synergies in the surrounding area or region, if there are opportunities for the generation of energy from renewables there.

We reduce CO2 emissions for your processes, ensure the generation of green electricity and green heat at affordable prices and future-proof technology.

This process can only succeed with a high level of expertise, which Iqony can provide. Our know-how ranges from the development, design and construction of new energy facilities to their operation and maintenance, and also includes expertise in the continuous optimization of your assets. As a result, we reduce CO2 emissions from your processes, ensure the generation of green power and green heat at affordable prices, and deploy future-proof technologies. In the meantime you can concentrate on your core business.

CO2 reduction

CO2 is the political currency of the energy transition. It is the yardstick by which economic and ecological success will be measured in the future.

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Green power and green heat

If a production process is to be converted to function with a sustainable energy supply, it is necessary to analyze which energy sources are to be used with which technologies.

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High energy costs

The development in the costs of fossil fuels makes a switch to alternative energy sources appear advantageous from an economic point of view.

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Future-oriented technologies

Technologies that use renewable energy sources or generate energy directly and sustainably are inherently future-proof.

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