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Iqony is your partner for future-proof project planning and financing

Only carefully planned and implemented projects promise economically viable operation in the long-term. Iqony’s engineers plan and supervise your project up to plant commissioning, minimize all the financial risks and ensure economically successful operation.

Iqony has over 80 years of experience in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of plants, either under its own management or on behalf of others, for example as a contractor or project supervisor. Our engineers have a wealth of project experience. They compile feasibility studies, digitalize and monitor existing plants for the purpose of optimization and by doing so contribute to the security of supply.

We manage and control projects on your behalf, ensure quality at all stages of the value chain, provide optimum financing and, with our know-how, ensure the safe and successful operation of your plants. This leads to higher added value and a return on investment that is as short as necessary.

Investors can participate in our projects. They can acquire shares in a joint operating company and thus benefit from the commercial success in the operation of the energy facilities. Iqony also has experience with similar models for renewable energy sources, such as the construction of electrolyzers for the production of green hydrogen or the connection of industry to heat and power grids. Such models secure a stable cash flow for investors.


Contracting is a common practice in industry and property management. As a contractor, Iqony takes over the design, planning, installation, operation and maintenance of the energy systems required for the processes concerned.

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Feasibility studies

Our experts prepare feasibility studies for you that describe your energy transition projects in detail and assess their viability.

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Project support

Iqony accompanies your energy transition projects as an experienced service provider. We take on the preliminary and design planning, model cyclical processes with the EBSILON®Professional tool developed in-house, and prepare the necessary feasibility and energy studies.

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Engineering expertise

Iqony engineers have the know-how required when it comes to designing, installing and operating plants and systems.

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