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With Iqony, you avoid risks when investing in the energy transition

The energy transition is above all a question of financing for companies. New technologies and new processes call for investors. And they need support if the deployment of those new technologies is to be future-proof. Therefore, knowledge of how green energy can be generated and consumed in such a way that it also makes economic sense is needed from the analysis phase onwards.

Anyone who operates energy facilities, for example for production purposes or for energy supply in general, is faced with difficult investment decisions:
Which technology is best suited to the production process and, above all, is reliable in terms of supply? Will the necessary fuels be permanently available? And what kind of financing will make all this economically viable for many years to come? These questions are not only on the minds of production planners, but also real estate owners, facility managers, EPC contractors and other contractors.

An economically viable solution only becomes possible with a general evaluation and analysis of the existing plants and energy supply systems. This is the starting point for any further planning, which includes project development and management, defines financing methods and minimizes the emerging risks. This is the only way to ensure the economic viability of the plants in the future.

We can offer you our support as a service provider: We are familiar with all areas of the project from analysis, planning and implementation to commissioning and also operation and maintenance (O&M). You can benefit from the knowledge of our technicians and engineers and, as an investor, generate a permanently secured return with energy transition projects.

Evaluation of plants and systems

If an energy supply system is to run in an economically viable manner, it has to be evaluated in detail. This includes a fine-grained analysis of the most important data on the systems and the identification of funding opportunities.

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The financing of energy projects is complex. Many factors have to be taken into account, as do the interests of stakeholders, including local residents and landowners.

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Project development

All financing is based on the development of a project. With assets of any technology, there is a need for a firm idea of what goals are to be achieved and how.

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Minimization of risks

Every project that leads to the improvement or expansion of a plant, or even the construction of new plants, is fraught with risks. However, these can be minimized.

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