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For a functioning energy transition

Renewable energies are accounting for an ever larger share of our energy supply. And this share will continue to rise. Because in order to reduce Germany's and Europe's energy dependency and decarbonize our industry, renewable energy generation must be further expanded.

In order to make the best possible use of energy from renewable sources, storage facilities are needed. Because only with their help can we secure the supply of volatile, green energy from wind and sun to industry over the course of the day. Better integration of green energy into the market prevents price jumps and also reduces risks.

In Germany, Iqony is a pioneer in the integration of storage in the energy sector. Back in 2016, we launched what was then Germany's largest battery storage project with an installed capacity of 90 megawatts (MW). This enables us to provide up to 126 megawatt hours (MWh) of electrical energy when needed. Since then, we have successfully marketed this capacity as primary control power to stabilize our power grid.

With the experience we have gained, we are currently developing several new storage projects - for the benefit of the climate and the environment as well as to secure Germany and Europe as an industrial location.

Construction of a large-scale battery system with a total capacity of 90 MW.

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Christian Karalis

Head of Business Development / Battery

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Battery technology / technical services