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Municipal utilities and local authorities need green energy

All the members of the public are experiencing the energy transition at first hand. That is why local authorities and municipal utilities have a key role to play. They have to show how the switch to a green energy supply and CO2-neutral mobility can succeed.

In the future, every type of energy required in a municipality – electricity, heat and gas – will have to be renewable.
Each community needs its own solution. This is because local conditions vary – for example, the availability of alternative energy sources or the existence of means of transport that can easily be converted to green electricity. That also applies to municipal fleets, right down to waste disposal vehicles, and to e-mobility offerings for residents.

This requires a comprehensive analysis of the existing energy generation facilities and robust considerations of the extent to which they need to be converted or built from scratch. Energy generated in this way and any surplus that may then be available can be readily marketed.

The facility portfolio will also have to be optimized in terms of energy efficiency. After all, green energy will continue to be a scarce and therefore expensive commodity in the future. This requires careful maintenance, which can be achieved with a high level of engineering expertise and the use of intelligent software. Newly built neighborhoods will thus be efficiently supplied with energy or even be self-sufficient. For existing buildings, a great deal of effort will be required for appropriate retrofitting.

Reduction of CO2

On the road to climate neutrality, local authorities are faced above all with the task of making their energy supply CO2-neutral. This is the yardstick against which all measures aimed at green electricity and green heat, as well as green fuels, are measured.

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Electrification of transport is a difficult task, especially in municipalities. It is easy to convert a streetcar to green electricity. However, this is much more difficult for buses and other public transport systems.

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Energy efficiency

There is potential for energy savings in every municipality. This applies both to the operation of the local authority itself and to all areas of energy generation and distribution, as well as to transportation.

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Green heating supply

Heating supply accounts for a large part of the total energy demand in municipalities. That is why a switch to renewable energy sources and technologies is so promising and an important step on the way to CO2 neutrality, but also difficult to implement.

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