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Go-live of the asset management platform Sensaia

The cloud-based Sensaia predictive operations management platform is about to go live, taking asset management of power generation plants to a new level. In photovoltaic parks, from a size of about 500 kilowatt peak (kWp), Sensaia can be used immediately.

Sensaia is a platform solution that indicates faults, damage and optimization potential of an energy plant at an early stage - using artificial intelligence. It will be designed for different renewable generation plants across all technologies: in a first step for solar plants, in 2023 for the technologies "wind" and subsequently also for "hydrogen".

By proactively maintaining their plants with Sensaia, customers have the best possible control over all operational management tasks. In this way, they shorten downtimes and operate them more economically. Sensaia is scalable, works across technologies, and alarms are based on an AI solution that has been in use for over 10 years and is now used to monitor over 45 GW of installed power worldwide. Even the Sensaia front-end forms a unique selling point with intuitive operation.

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